Back to School with Simply the Best Lunches and Snacks!

27 Jan 2021
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Have you checked school lunches and snacks off your back to school list yet? Head back to school and back to sport, gymnastics or swimming with these scrumptious lunchbox ideas! A healthy, filling and tasty lunch always tops off an awesome school day, and energises you, ready for what the remainder of the day may bring. These fantastic lunches and snacks will keep your kids’ tummies satisfied and fuel them with all of the nutrients and energy they need to keep them going throughout school time and their active extra-curricular activities! 

Quick snacks you can pack on-the go or in advance! 

  • Fruit – loose fruit including apples, pears and nectarines are a super convenient snack filled with lots of essential nutrients and energy! 
  • Berries – a handful of berries is another delicious fruit snack to keep the kids’ lunchboxes bright and bursting with nutrients. Select your child’s favourite berry or make things interesting and include a mix of varieties! 
  • Healthy juice boxes – opt for healthier, natural fruit juices with a high fruit content and no added sugars. This will help boost your kids’ fruit intake and serve as a refreshing sweet fix! 
  • Popcorn – select a healthy variety of popcorn from the supermarket, such as those packed in perfect snack sizes for the kids, or make your own at home using dried corn kernels and pack the popcorn into a small container or snap-lock bag. 
  • Cheese and crackers – pack some small pieces of cheese and a few of your kids’ favourite crackers in a container, or make it easier for yourself and select a healthy pre-packaged option from your supermarket. Keep things interesting each week by changing up the type of cheese, or alternate between wheat and rice crackers! 
  • Dry cereal – a handful of a healthy dry cereal in a snap-lock bag is a fantastic alternative to heavily salted chips and crisps, and perfect for those kids who love to munch and crunch on dry snacks! 

Healthy snacks and lunch items you can prep the night before! 

  • Wholegrain wraps or rolls – everyone loves a sandwich, but tortilla wraps and bread rolls are always appreciated as an interesting change from the norm! Select your kids’ preferred wholegrain rolls or wraps and fill them with mixed salad ingredients such as lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, cheese and avocado, and add some protein such as chicken, ham, turkey, tuna or hard-boiled egg, if desired. 
  • Fruit Salad – select a variety of fresh seasonal fruits and dice these up into a mixed fruit salad. Combine with a splash of lemon or fruit juice to help delay browning of the fruit, and package into a small container for a colourful, flavourful snack! 
  • Rice paper rolls – have your kids tried rice paper rolls yet? They’re in for an interesting treat! Rice paper rolls are a great option for lunches that can be customised to your children’s preferences. Fill them with a combination of ingredients based on what they like, such as rice noodles, carrot, cucumber, avocado, slaw, chicken, beef, pork, turkey, salmon, tuna and their preferred dressing or sauces. 
  • Healthy muesli – begin with a basic healthy muesli recipe and create your own flavours by using a combination of ingredients such as nuts, seeds, coconut, cacao, cinnamon, honey and dried fruits including cranberries, apricot, apple, sultanas, raisins and more! 

Remember, if you’re planning to pack any food items you would usually store in the fridge, such as meat or dairy, it is a great idea to pack a frozen ice brick or ice pack in an insulated lunch box to keep your children’s food fresh throughout the day. This is particularly important in summer when the hot weather can spoil food more easily. 

These ideas sound delicious, don’t they?! If you’ve got your work cut out for you, get the kids involved too! Set up a production line on your kitchen bench or table to help familiarise the kids with their lunch and snack items. This way, the kids are also more likely to enjoy their lunch and less likely to waste it. Plus, they’ll be even more motivated to help prep their lunches and snacks once they get a taste of these terrific ideas! 

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